Braver, Stronger, Smarter: One child’s wish

eva braver stronger smarter wish

“Wish” is more than a baby wrap. It’s a legacy. The story of Wish is a tale of love, hope, determination, friendship, a few lovely girls, and child’s wish to live. When you look at “Wish,” I hope you will notice the star chart: Australia’s Southern Cross featuring a single heart-shaped star within the constellation.  The […]

Can I safely fix a hole in my wrap? PART ONE: Knits

hole in my wrap

Your beloved wrap has a hole. Often we see mamas on Facebook, in our inbox, or on forums asking, “Can I safely fix a hole in my wrap?” The answer is something like this: It depends. Why do holes form in wraps? First off, let’s talk about fabric. Wraps are, of course, made from fabric, […]

Oh, the places you’ll wear

Oh the places you'll wear

When I first became a mom I thought I was starting over with a whole new life and a whole new me.  I was a mom now and I thought that certain things in my life were coming to an end.  I wouldn’t be able to do the same things I used to do.  At […]

Dear Ryan Reynolds:


Marisa Fields, one of our Brand Ambassadors, asked us to share this open letter from us to Ryan Reynolds and all new babywearers in response to a photo of Ryan Reynolds babywearing that has led to many comments, some of them scathing and deeply unkind. We are all parents, even celebrities, and even celebrity parents deserve […]

Myths about men and wrapping: The truth about being a babywrapping dad

myths about men and wrapping

Myths about men and wrapping: The truth about being a babywrapping dad I’m Dom, a sling-wearing Dad from the UK. I’ve been using all kinds of slings for a few years now, but my favourite type is the woven wrap. I remember when I first started getting interested in slings – more than just the […]

World Peace: One cuddle at a time

babywearing with disabilities

“Are you willing and able to assist?” asked the woman, earnestly. She was the second woman to ask me this in the short while I’d been in Adelaide airport, on my way home from the Australian Babywearing Conference.  “Are you willing and able to assist others, in an emergency situation?  You are assigned a seat […]

Babywearing Hair: Match the wrap (VOTE)

babywearing hair

WE’VE GOT A WINNER!!!! Check back in the next couple of weeks for photos, how-tos, and updates of Colleen’s new hair, courtesy of Amy Lantry’s entry, featuring our Lily Breeze wrap! Colleen is our Director of Connections. She is also the unofficial director of babywearing hair, via our Pinterest board, “Babywearing Hair.” I often find […]

My husband wore swim trunks: Our surprise UC

surprise uc

10.5 pounds of awesome. 7 days of labor. 4 births that came before. 2 midwives. 1 man in swim trunks. Our accidental UC was pretty epic. And pretty ordinary. An easy birth after a long, uncomplicated labor. Grand Multipara Xavier made me a “grand multipara.” I wasn’t sure that I wanted to add a fifth […]

Babywearing, Breastfeeding, and ADHD

breastfeeding babywearing and adhd

Jaleen Vickerson is one of our brand ambassadors. Until I read her article, I had never considered how babywearing, breastfeeding, and ADHD could go together, although my husband, son, and a close friend all live with the diagnosis. ADHD, depression, and anxiety are often tangled together, misdiagnosed, and misunderstood. They often seem to exist together […]

What a mother with PPD needs

what a mother with ppd needs

To Whom It May Concern, I am the mother to my child and I know what is best for her. I am sorry that what I do or do not do for her is not up to your parenting standards. I would love to take her on trips overseas to broaden her mind. I would love […]